Welcome Members to HYPERBOLE!! We are a CoC group founded by the great JackRipper and Mommmaaaa!
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 Welcome everyone to the site!!

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PostSubject: Welcome everyone to the site!!    Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:41 pm

Smile I'm happy to present to everyone the new Hyperbole site. A gaming home that everyone can be in touch through. If you have any suggestions/concerns please let me know as this is also your home too. I know there is a few people into competitive gaming. I am still working on a structure/system that will compliment individual games/platforms, so hang tight for that. The sky is def the limit now, with a huge amount of growing room, so tell your friends about us!!
Hyperbole has grown so much since I joined and i'm so proud of everyone and the work you guys have all done to make this community such an amazing place to be. This is my gift to everyone! To show my appreciation to everyone in this community. Smile Happy gaming all.
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Welcome everyone to the site!!
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