Welcome Members to HYPERBOLE!! We are a CoC group founded by the great JackRipper and Mommmaaaa!
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Mon May 09, 2016 5:54 am

Hyperbole is a laid back clan, but we have some rules and take them seriously. If any of the rules are broken, it will result in a warning or immediate kick depending on the severity.

1. Be nice and respectful; We are like family, so I expect you to treat clanmates with the same respect and kindness you would treat your family (at least the ones you like). Very Happy

2. ONLY Co-Leaders and Leader are allowed to kick out another clanmate; If you are not a Co and kick someone, you will be kicked immediately.

3. Only Co-Leaders and Leader are allowed to accept or reject join requests.

4. If you can't take both turns during war then opt-out.

5. Cussing is allowed, if you don't like cursing then censor your chat or find another clan.

6. Always request troops before taking a war attack. Specify what troops you want or at least indicate air or ground. Only max troops are donated for war. For non-war troop requests do not demand max troops if you can't give max troops.

Have fun! Ask as many questions as you want! We are all here to help!

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General Rules
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